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Calcium and zinc environmental stabilizer
Transparent products
Pipe fittings dedicated
Sheet dedicated
Soft products
Cable material dedicated
Children's toys special use
Edge banding special
Special wood products
Waterborne stearate
Water based Zinc Stearate
Paper Coating Lubrication
Plastic Grade
Calcium Stearate
Zinc Stearate
Magnesium stearate
Barium Stearate
Lead stearate
Coating grade stearate
Zinc Stearate
Lead Base Compound Stabilizer
PVC Window Profile Compound Stabilizer
PVC Pipe & Fitting Compound Stabilizer
PVC Panel Compound Stabilizer
Edge banding special
PVC Wire & Cable Compound Stabilizer
Special wood products
Soft products
PVC Impact Modifier CPE135A
Polyethylene wax
About us  
Hebei Xinjianfa plastic Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hengshui Xinjianfa Chemical Co., Ltd.Now has developed into large domestic Metallic soap lubricant & Ca-Zn Compound Stabilizer professional manufacturer which reply on our outstanding engineers and advantage equipment.
We registered our own brand “HENGDA” which pay attention to PVC Plastic raw materials include Metallic soap lubricant include paint grade, plastic grade, water-base emulsion grade, Lead Base Stabilizer and Ca-Zn Compound Stabilizer, our Ca-Zn Stabilizer has passed ROHS Europe Test, it mainly used for Transparent sheet, soft products, wire & cable, toys, edge, WPC, Pipe, Profile, etc.
Metallic Soap Lubricant include Calcium Stearate, Zinc Stearate, Magnesium Stearate which producing by wet and dry processing, PVC Compound Stabilizer include Ca-Zn Stabilizer and Lead base Stabilizer. “HENGDA” brand products application include furniture painting, chemical, engineering plastic, rubber,paper, masterbatch,brightener, medicine, etc.
We take principle of “Win-Win by Honer” and pay attention to quality to get market with world friends in the future.

In 2006, XINJIANFA founded with 20,000 square meters begin to produce PVC Heat Stabilizer and PE Wax.
In 2008, established Impact Modifier CPE135A with annual 20,000 tons.
In 2010, begin produce Metallic Soap Lubricant by wet processing and added dry processing in 2015.
In 2015, Ca-Zn Compound Stabilizer was accept by global market.
In 2016, Except Plastic grade metallic soap lubricant we added paint grade and water-base grade.